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Map of the Transfer of Scientific Knowledge to Renaissance Europe

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As background to the discussion of scientific knowledge in Jim al-Khalili's House of Wisdom: How Arabic Science Saved Ancient Knowledge and Gave Us the Renaissance, the diagram traces the movement of knowlege from East to West over several centuries. David Tchanz, physician and historian, writes, "Scientific knowledge that originated in India, China and the Hellenistic world was sought out by Arab and Muslim scholars and then translated, refined, synthesized and augmented at different centers of learning, starting at Jundishapur in Persia around the sixth century--even before the coming of Islam--and then moving to Baghdad, Cairo, and finally Toledo and Cordoba, from where the knowledge spread to Western Europe."


Diagram of the transfer of medical knowledge to Europe from Tschanz, David. “Saudi Aramco World : The Arab Roots of European Medicine,” 48:3 (May/June 1997), pp. 20-31.

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