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The Suleymaniye Mosque Virtual Walking Tour

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Rivaling the Hagia Sophia for architectural splendor, the Süleymaniye Mosque was built in the sixteenth century CE for the sultan known as Süleyman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566. The mosque, in Istanbul, is part of a complex of religious buildings called the Süleymaniye that is noted for its tall minarets and impressive domes. In addition to the mosque, the complex includes a hospital, schools, public baths, a caravanserai, and a public kitchen. Its architecture combines Islamic and Byzantine elements—tall minarets with domed buildings supported by half domes that recall the style of theHagia Sophia, also in Istanbul.

Saudi Aramco World Magazine has published a virtual walking tour of the mosque complex that features photography and videos by Michael Gross and Barry Gross.



“A Virtual Walking Tour: The Suleymaniye Mosque”, Saudi Aramco World Magazine. Available at

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