Pathways of Faith

Rúmí: Poet and Mystic
by Rúmí (1207-1273), translated and introduced by Reynold A. Nicholson

Jalal al-Din Rúmí (1207–73), popularly known simply as Rúmí, was the greatest Sufi mystic and poet in the Persian language, famous for his lyrics and for his didactic epic Masnavi-yi Maʿnavi [Spiritual couplets], which widely influenced mystical thought and literature throughout the Muslim world. Rúmí's poetry is widely popular with American readers, and collections of his poetry are available in a variety of editions. The complier of the poems in this edition, Reynold A. Nicholson, translated them directly from the Persian language. They are among the most authentic versions of these poems available to English-language readers.

Oxford: Oneworld Publications, 1995


Reynold A. Nicholson (1868 –1945) was an English scholar who has had an enduring influence on Islamic studies. Educated at Aberdeen University and the University of Cambridge, Nicholson was lecturer in Persian (1902–26) and Sir Thomas Adams Professor of Arabic (1926–33) at Cambridge. He is regarded as an authoritative scholar and translator of Persian literature, including that of Rúmí and the classical poet Muhammad Iqbal.

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